Russia says Kabul exeriences Taliban increased safety than it become under Ghani.

Russia’s ambassador to Afghanistan praised the Taliban’s conduct on Monday (16 August) and stated the group, nevertheless officially distinct a terrorist organisation in Russia, had made Kabul safer inside the first 24 hours than it have been underneath the preceding government.

The feedback via Ambassador Dmitry Zhirnov replicate an undisguised effort with the aid of Russia to deepen its properly-installed ties with the Taliban whilst stopping quick, for now, of recognising the hardline Islamist institution because the valid rulers of a country Moscow itself attempted and failed to manage before the Soviet Union withdrew its remaining forces in 1989.

Russia wants to ensure that the instability in Afghanistan does no longer spill over into Central Asia, part of the former Soviet Union it regards as its own outdoor, and that it does now not turn out to be a launchpad for different intense Islamist organizations.

Russia has stated it become surprised, like many other countries, with the aid of the lighting speed with which the Taliban seized control of the us of a whilst US forces had been nonetheless seeking to evacuate American citizens.

Russia says Kabul exeriences Taliban increased safety

Speaking to Moscow’s Ekho Moskvy radio station, Zhirnov stated he had been impressed via the Taliban’s conduct to date, describing their method as “right, high-quality and enterprise-like.”

“The scenario is non violent and properly and the entirety has calmed down inside the town. The state of affairs in Kabul now below the Taliban is higher than it become underneath (President) Ashraf Ghani,” stated Zhirnov.

Ghani, whose vicinity is unknown, fled on Sunday, pronouncing he desired to save you bloodshed.

“Yesterday the regime fell like a residence of cards,” stated Zhirnov. “There become a sense of sickness, a power vacuum, and looters came out at the streets.”

He stated initially unarmed Taliban units had entered the capital and requested authorities and U.S. Forces to surrender their weapons. The essential armed Taliban devices entered later once Ghani had fled and had imposed a curfew, he said.

Zhirnov said the Taliban had already taken control of the security perimeter of the Russian Embassy, which has over 100 staff and that he could keep exact safety talks with them on Tuesday.

Russia says Kabul exeriences Taliban increased safety

The Taliban had promised, in step with earlier agreements, to guard Russian diplomats, he stated, saying Western fears about their behaviour had up to now now not been borne out.

He said faculties in Kabul, inclusive of the ones for ladies, had commenced functioning again.

Russia’s embassy in Britain has stated Washington’s Afghan exit suggests its geopolitical star is on the wane.

“The goal reality is that Washington’s relaxed position of US hegemony is receding into the past towards the backdrop of the strengthening political positions of Russia and China,” the embassy said on Twitter on Sunday.

Zamir Kabulov, President Vladimir Putin’s special consultant on Afghanistan, stated on Monday that Moscow’s long campaign to build ties with the Taliban seemed now to be paying off.

Russia says Kabul exeriences Taliban increased safety

“It’s now not for not anything that we’ve been organising contacts with the Taliban motion for the ultimate seven years,” Kabulov informed Ekho Moskvy.

“We noticed that this pressure might ultimately if not absolutely come to power could play a leading function within the future of Afghanistan anyways.”


A Chinese authorities spokesman said on Monday Beijing become prepared to deepen “pleasant and cooperative” family members with Afghanistan.

“The Taliban have again and again expressed their hope to broaden correct family members with China, and that they stay up for China’s participation within the reconstruction and improvement of Afghanistan,” said a overseas ministry spokeswoman.

Iran’s new ultra-conservative President Ebrahim Raisi noticed the hazard of some thing superb.

“The army defeat and the United States withdrawal from Afghanistan must provide an opportunity to restore life, protection and lasting peace in that united states,” said Raisi, quoted by his workplace.

While his announcement did not directly point out the Taliban, it did say Tehran wanted suitable members of the family with its jap neighbour and become “carefully tracking” traits there.

Iran hosts almost three.5 million Afghans, who make up almost four percentage of its population, in step with the UN refugee employer.

Others in the meantime, welcomed the Taliban’s go back to electricity.

The Palestinian Islamist motion Hamas, which controls the Gaza Strip, stated it “congratulates the Taliban movement and its brave management on this victory, which changed into the end result of its lengthy struggle during the last twenty years”.

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