EPP chief Tusk Borissov confessed obvious mistakes: The head of the European People's Party, Donald Tusk, said the Bulgarian Prime Minister Boyko Borissov had "admitted" to him about an embarrassment with spilled photographs supposedly uncovering his concealed abundance. Tusk uncovered no subtleties except for said that what he had heard seemed like "a wrongdoing film".

On 17 June, an unknown email sender made accessible to the media a photograph of Borissov dozing in his room in the official state living arrangement in Boyana with a handgun on his end table, and different photographs demonstrating drawers loaded with groups of 500-euro notes and a couple of gold ingots, in what seems, by all accounts, to be a similar room.

Formally, Borissov has no close to home fortune and lives from his pay.

The photographs stunned the general population and added to starting well known fights in Bulgaria that entered their 110th day on Monday (26 October), with demonstrators requesting Borissov's acquiescence.

Borissov never expressly denied the validness of the photographs yet seemed to recommend that his curve enemy, President Rumen Radev, had sent "a pleasant lady" to take care of the work – incorporating the photographs – in his room.

In a phone meet for Free Europe, distributed in Bulgarian on Saturday, Tusk said Borissov had attempted to clarify the embarrassment when the two met in Brussels on 2 October.

"He attempted to clarify the entire embarrassment in detail and it sounded forthright. His story was truly, fairly alarming, appropriate for a screenplay for a wrongdoing film or a fascinating novel. Presently truly – truly, he is in a tough situation. He committed clear errors, remembering for his own life. He was totally genuine with me", Tusk said.

He proceeded:

"I will keep the prudence since his story seemed like an admission. Also, if it's not too much trouble permit me to be more circumspect in light of the fact that it was about his own life. In any case, I actually accept that he can demonstrate that he is – if not the ideal leftist – in any event still a liberal ".

EPP chief Tusk Borissov confessed obvious mistakes

Borissov himself has never completely clarified the circumstance with the photographs to the media.

Since the fights began, he has been dodging writers and conveying his messages on Facebook. On Sunday, he tried positive for COVID, with gentle indications, and for the present, he follows a treatment in his home.

There have been different claims about Borissov having costly property abroad and in any event, having been essential for illegal tax avoidance plans, however they have not been validated or demonstrated. Borissov has consistently denied any bad behavior and remarked that such assaults originate from Radev and from the individuals who need to change the international course of Bulgaria.

# EPP chief Tusk Borissov confessed obvious mistakes #

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Erdogan copies down in reaction against Macron's Islam remarks

he reaction against President Emmanuel Macron's remarks on Islam increased Sunday (25 October), with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan again encouraging him to have "mental checks" and fights in Muslim-larger part countries.

The French unfamiliar service then approached experts in influenced nations to guarantee the security of French residents.

It portrayed some online media calls for fights as "offensive", mourning controls "by an extreme minority" and naming beginning blacklists of French products "baseless".

Talking after instructor Samuel Paty was guillotined for demonstrating personifications of the Prophet Mohammed to students in an exercise on free discourse recently, Macron promised France would "not surrender kid's shows" and said Paty "was slaughtered on the grounds that Islamists need our future".

However, Erdoğan on Saturday asked Macron to have "mental checks" for treating "a large number of individuals from various confidence bunches along these lines" – remarks which incited Paris to review its agent to Ankara.

The Turkish chief multiplied down on Sunday, again fighting that Macron "actually needs to have checks" and this time additionally blaming him for being "fixated on Erdoğan day and night".

Macron later took to Twitter to state, "We won't surrender, ever," demanding that his nation regards "all distinctions in a feeling of harmony."

"We don't acknowledge scorn discourse and… will consistently be in favor of human nobility and widespread qualities," he included.

Macron's Tweet, which was additionally made accessible in a deciphered Arabic rendition, was trailed by furious responses and abuses from self-broadcasted protectors of Islam.

Relations among Macron and Erdoğan have gotten progressively stressed over international issues going from a Greek-Turkish oceanic question to the contention among Armenia and Azerbaijan.

The European Union's top negotiator, Josep Borrell, called the remarks Erdoğan made on Saturday "unsatisfactory" and encouraged Turkey "to stop this hazardous winding of encounter."

'Assaulting Islam'

Outrage at Macron has spilt over into the roads in a few Muslim-lion's share nations.

Blacklists of French merchandise were in progress in certain countries, incorporating by markets in Qatar and Kuwait, with calls to reject French items in a few different states.

Demonstrators held fights Sunday in areas of war-torn Syria still external government control and consumed pictures of Macron, as per the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights war screen.

Around 70 individuals fought in the Libyan capital Tripoli, an AFP journalist said. Some put a match to French banners and stepped on photos of the French president.

"As Muslims, it's our obligation to regard all the prophets, so we anticipate the equivalent from every other religion," housewife Fatima Mahmud, 56, said in front of the Tripoli fight.

"Defaming Islam and Muslims won't keep the social harmony in France."

Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan blamed Macron for "assaulting Islam".

He tweeted that the French chief "might have put recuperating contact and denied space to fanatics as opposed to making further polarization and minimization that definitely prompts radicalisation."

In Deir al-Balah in the Gaza Strip, Palestinians consumed pictures of Macron, calling his comments "an assault and an affront against Islam."

"We denounce the remarks of the French President… and whoever outrages the Prophet Mohammed, regardless of whether through words, activities, signals or drawings," said Maher al-Huli, a head of Hamas, the Islamist development that runs the seaside Palestinian enclave.

In Lebanon, favorable to Iran Shiite development Hezbollah censured the "conscious affront" to the Prophet.

In Iraq, Rabaa Allah, a ground-breaking supportive of Iran furnished group, said in an explanation that one and a half billion individuals worldwide had in actuality been offended, and cautioned that its men were "prepared to react when and where they need".

Jordan's Islamic Affairs Minister Mohammed al-Khalayleh said that "annoying" prophets was "not an issue of individual flexibility but rather a wrongdoing that supports savagery."

His remarks came as French examiners Sunday said two Jordanians had documented a protest with police after a clearly racially propelled assault in the city of Angers.

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